Born in Seville, where he begins to dance at age 6.

He studied at the Matilde Coral School of Dance, expanding his training with artists such as Javier Barón, Rafael Campallo, Milagros Mengíbar, Susana Casas, El Junco and Juan Polvillo among others.

First dancer of various shows in Europe with the group “Gipsy Kings”, and Latin America, participating in the Bullfighting Fair of Quito.
Thus, as in the XXII and XXIII editions of the International Flamenco Festival in Jerez, with the Cía. Flamenco “Juan Polvillo”.

Noelia Vilches, born in Burgos, begins her training in Ballet and Spanish Dance at age 6, and then specializes in Flamenco Dance.

Winner of several Prizes such as the First Prize “Federation of Peñas de Málaga”, First Prize “Young Talents of Nerja”, First Prize “National Flamenco Dance Competition of Ronda”, or Second Prize “National Contest of Flamenco Code Art Ubrique”.

It is worth mentioning its participation in Festivals of recognized prestige such as the Jerez Festival, the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival or the Brussels Flamenco Festival, forming part of the company of the Jerez master Joaquín Grilo.

Malaga dancer who starts in Spanish dance and flamenco at a young age in different schools of her land and studies at the professional dance conservatory “Pepa Flores”. He moved to Seville with a scholarship from the Andalusian Dance Center and later joined several companies such as: Antonio Andrade (making international tours), Joaquin Grilo or Ruben Olmo. He combines his work in companies with tablaos outside and within Spain and has been awarded for some competitions, including those held by the Cristina Hereen Foundation in the form of flamenco dance.

Guitar players

Pedro Viscomi Martin is a Huelva flamenco guitarist currently based in Seville. The Flemish inheritance was received from his grandfather, a great fan of Flamenco and owner of the “Peña Flamenca” of the people of Huelva. He receives his first guitar lessons from his father at just 7 years old. With 11 years he gives his first concert.

Pedro expands his knowledge with the famous Jerez guitarist Agustín de la Fuente, who has been with him as a second guitar for 14 years, accompanying dance and singing on several European tours. In constant evolution, he had the opportunity to train additionally with different Jazz, Fusion and World-Music groups where he expanded his musical and harmonic knowledge. Throughout his career he has traveled to Ireland, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, all of Spain, giving a multitude of concerts with different Flemish companies accompanying Flamenco artists from renown.

Born in Seville in 1978, he began playing flamenco guitar at 10 years of age in different flamenco schools in Seville, thus focusing his career as a guitarist in accompaniment to dance. His professional career begins at age 23, playing for different tablaos in Andalusia.

He has become part of different companies related to the world of flamenco, as well as working internationally, visiting countries such as Germany, France, USA, Canada or Greece, among others.

Pedro Barragán began studying in 1997 at the Higher Conservatory of Music El Liceo de Barcelona with the teacher Manuel Granados, where he trained as a guitarist. Disciple of teachers such as Rafael Riqueni, Miguel Angel Cortés, Miguel Ochando, Gerardo Nuñez, Manolo Franco, Niño de Pura or Juan Habichuela.
In 2004 he won a competition to study at the Christina Hereen Foundation in Seville where, after a year of studies, he worked as a teacher.

Accompany some of the first figures such as Carmen Linares, Chano Lobato, Gabriel Moreno, Inés Bacán, Nano de Jerez, Paco Taranto, Fernando de la Morena, Miguel Ochando, Rafael Riqueni or Juan Habichuela, and has played at the Seville Biennale, Biennial of Malaga, Biennial of Holland, Voix de Femmes de Paris or the Berlin Festival.

In 2008 he won the “Best Original Music” Award at the Choreographic Competition of the Albéniz Theater in Madrid.


His training is practically self-taught. At age 16 he began working with different artists such as Lebrijano, Archangel, Cristina Hoyos, Pastora Galvan, Dorantes, Luis el Zambo, María Jiménez, Remedios Amaya, Rafael de Utrera, Rocio Márquez, Argentina, Chiquetete, La Tana, Dani de Morón , Paco Cepero, Miguel Ángel Cortés, Manolo Franco, Pedro Sierra, Salvador Gutiérrez, India Martinez, Alba Molina, Pitingo, Manzanita, Parrita, among others.

Sevillian percussionist who trains at the Francisco Guerrero professional music conservatory where he receives classical training. Over time he investigates other styles such as Latin, jazz, pop and flamenco where the classes of maestro Ramon Porrina stand out. He studied music teaching at the University of Seville and has taught different percussion workshops in schools. Musician since he was 10 years old, he has traveled the world with different national and international artists and musicians and of different styles.

Self-taught percussionist musician who began playing with 13 years but it was not until the age of 18 when he began his professional career at the City of Seville Dance Company. He has worked with artists of all musical styles both flamenco and jazz, pop music and salsa. It should be noted his work as a teacher at the school of the master drawer Ramón Porrina where he worked as a repeater and substitute when he was absent for a tour.

Session musician who has had the opportunity to record dozens of records.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with artists such as Lole Montoya, Enrique Heredia El Negri and Juan José Suárez, The Package of the mythical fusion group “La Barbería del Sur”, José el Francés, Angelita Montoya, Remedies Amaya, Rafael de Utrera, “Los Makarirnes”, Falete, Lya, la Tana, Alba Molina, Ofunkillo, etc.

He participated in the recording of the version of the anthem of Andalusia made by three great pop artists such as Vanesa Martín, Pastora Soler and David de María …


Fernando Caballo is a Sevillian cantaor of Marchean origins. He has a diploma in music teaching and studies with teachers such as José de La Tomasa, Julián Estrada, Juan José Amador, El Lebrijano, Calixto Sánchez, among others.

He began in the world of singing at the age of 11, highlighting both his work as accompaniment to the dance and soloist, where he has several prizes in singing competitions for joys and cantiñas, soleá and saetas.

At 16 years old he begins to sing, forming by the hand of Juan Ramón Caro in the Higher School of Music. He continued his studies at the Cristina Heeren Foundation School by José de la Tomasa, Juan José Amador, Manuel Lombo, María José Pérez, La Divi, Patricia Lozano, Pedro Sierra, Carmelilla Montoya, Luisa Palicio or Paco Cortés.

He has studied History of Flamenco with José Mayo (flamencologist and President of the Tertulia de Badalona), with Pepa Sánchez (flamencologist and Director of the Cristina Heeren Foundation) and with José Luís Ortiz Nuevo (flamencologist, poet and one of the founders of the Biennial Flamenco of Seville).

He has performed at music festivals such as the Biennial, Flamenco Art Festival of Catalonia, Savia Nueva, Mozambique Txiquitsi International Music Festival, MEAM Music Cycle, Chateau Form music cycle, etc.

He has been winner of the Flamenco Talent contest by Soleá Naranjito de Triana’17 (Seville) and finalist of the competitions of El Candil (Barcelona), La Llagosta (Barcelona), Flamenco Talent by Cantiñas’17 (Cádiz), Flemish Talent by granainas’ 17 (Granada).

He is currently the monitor of the “Cristina Heeren Foundation” school and David Dorantes singer in the “La Roda del Viento” project.

The singer Rosa Linero was born in Malaga in 1984. Throughout her professional career she has made several tours with dance companies in Spain and around the world, such as Carmen Mota’s company. He has participated in festivals and clubs such as Torres Macarena or Juan Breva. He has collaborated with renowned artists in recordings and direct, such as pianist David Peña Dorantes. Disciple of Rafael de Utrera and José Valencia among others and is currently being trained at the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville, under the tutelage of professors such as José de la Tomasa or Juan José Amador. He is currently participating in the show ” Singular feminina “, by Antonia Contreras and Juan Ramón Caro, which was premiered at the 2019 Malaga Biennial.

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